During the Activity (live animal practice)
• No more than 10 individuals, including 4-H members, parents, staff and volunteers may attend.

  • We checked with County Health Department & facilities for more information regarding facility/space designations for the 10-person limit. Our county guidelines permit groups of 50 people at this time so the 10-person limit for these practices is well below the restricted number allowed. Verbal approval for these events has been given by the County Health Department, pending written approval.  Leaders and members will maintain at least six foot spacing between participants whenever possible, unless other safety aspects of the activity necessitate otherwise and is approved by the County health department. This distance would only be reduced if a safety concern in animal handling needs to be addressed. When your learning or need help such as catching and leading its OK to be closer to keep people and livestock safe.
  • All 4-H youth and adult participants are encouraged to wear face masks whenever possible, unless safety aspects of the activity necessitate otherwise and is approved by the County health department. These practices have been deemed as recreation by our county health department, therefore if it is necessary that masks be removed at any point, they can be as long as 6-foot distance is kept. Wear face masks and social distance as much as possible. Of course this doesn't apply to your immediate family members.
  •  Must have hand sanitizer and or washing/sanitation and/or gloves available and accessible. While there are areas for handwashing at many of the dairies, not all areas are accessible due to practice times, so hand sanitizer will be provided by Larimer County 4-H at each practice. We have the ability and permission to provide this at the facilities. I am receiving Lysol Spray, hand sanitizer and extra masks from Brittani on Thursday,6/18. Let me know what you need.
  • All equipment must be sanitized between shared uses; however, the sharing of equipment will be highly discouraged. We will use disinfectant sprays and disposable paper products to sanitize equipment shared. Just try to use same halter on each animal. Possibly use masking tape and mark it with calf /person name. Clean halters in between practices
  • Participants will be encouraged to use their own personal protective equipment (including hand sanitizer, masks, etc.). We will have extra masks available if a member forgets their mask
  • We will utilize one door/gate for entering and a separate door/gate for departing the activity space when possible (meeting rooms, arenas, range, etc.). usually only one gate per pen
  • Must post CSU approved signage. We will also post Larimer County public health signage. • Only directly participating 4-H members, guardian and project leaders should be at the scheduled activity. Guardians, siblings, family members, friends and others not directly participating in the activities should not attend. A guardian will be required to be present for practices. Shari will work with dairies where to place signs.

After the Activity ( after practice at dairy)

  • Signup sheets will be turned in to the County 4-H Agent following the event. It is required to contact me to let me know when (date and time) you were actually at your dairy, how many were there and who you were with.This is for Covid-19 Contact tracing purposes.I then do a weekly report to Brittani and she sends it on to someone.
  • All common surfaces (i.e. tables, counters, doorknobs, faucets, etc.) will be wiped down with appropriate sanitizer. We will have disinfectant sprays and disposable paper products to sanitize equipment. Leaders will use spray bottles with the appropriate solution for sanitizing/disinfecting on high touch surfaces. Cleaning will be done according to how each dairy wants it.
  • Hand sanitizer or washing stations must be used upon arriving and leaving practice. Members, parents and leaders should wash their hands and sanitize all tack and equipment after the activity.

4-H/Dairy Scholarships

Larimer Diary project
​​​​​​​​​​​​​2020 Schedule (subject to change)

Workshops for the year will be held the last Friday of each month, January through April.

  • January 31st:  (6:30pm at extension office). New members 6pm & returning members 630pm.  Pizza, Difference in breeds of dairy cattle, Hoards Dairyman judging kick off.  WANT TO GET A HEAD START ? Regular printed copies will be handed out at the meeting. We may have guest speakers to give some advise on evaluating dairy cattle and judging contests at our January meeting.  2020 Classes now available online. It is free to register on the Hoards Dairyman web site to see the judging classes. Link to Hoards Dairyman HERE. You can enter the contest online as an individual or as family. However, I will need your results of the classes to enter us as a 4-H group and for our county judging contest. Remember this is a required event for the Lease-A-Dairy and Cow-less Dairy projects. This is also the tiebreaker for the Mike Dickinson Award. There are some very informative videos on the Hoards Dairyman website under the Youth tab about judging this contest. You can contact me about any questions.
  • February 28th: 6pm new members, 6:30pm returning members at extension office in Fort Collins. Hoards Dairyman judging continued (if needed), Dairy project selection, Training tips, What's new in dairy farming! or Topic chosen by group. Snacks provided
  • Livestock field day - February 29th at The Ranch. This is an opportunity to meet the Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) and Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) requirements and learn so much more. 
  • March 1st - Mike Dickenson Scholarship application due >apply here
  • March 10th:  Last day to turn in Hoards Dairyman contest results to Shari
  • Effective March 13, 2020, all face to face Larimer County 4-H events, meetings and activities are suspended (cancelled) until *June 30th, 2020. (updated April 20th)
  • March 27th: (6:30 at extension office). Safety First! Why record keeping is important, Topic chosen by group, Fun activity about project - CANCELLED
  • April 24th:  At Dyecrest Dairy (weather pending). Showmanship and other topics TBA - CANCELLED​​

Dairy Project Meeting Information:

We have 4 meetings during the year and Lease-A-Dairy members are required to attend at least 3 of these.  LEASE-A-DAIRY Members - Record Books begin in January.  Books are available from Shari and online from the Extension Office.

Thank you to the following dairies/farms for supporting this project: DyeCrest Dairy; Ft. Lupton Dairy, Mountain View Dairy & Shani McBride (Severance)

Here is the link to another good site about getting ready to show.  MSUcares

2020 Larimer Dairy Clinics

COVID-19 and the Dairy Program - June 17 2020

   All Lease A Dairy members, please read the information below carefully regarding working with your animals at your sponsor dairy.

  • A pre-activity signup should be available to limit the number of participants within the maximum participant allowance for the specified time & venue. Participants will have to email our dairy key leader and schedule a time with her to ensure less than 10 people are at one dairy at a time.  This is for 4-H families and leaders. You must call, text or e-mail me before you go to the dairy. If you are planning on going multiple times during the week just let me know what days it may be and how many in your group in first weekly e-mail.You must send me updated e-mail at least weekly. This is for Covid-19 Contact tracing purposes.
  • All participants will sign a Colorado 4-H COVID-19 informed consent form prior to the activity. This will be done virtually to avoid sharing of pens. This is found on the letter you got from extension office on 6/17/20 and also on this website >here. You and your parents only need to do this one time PRIOR to your first time at dairy.
  • We will sanitize all common surfaces (i.e. tables, counters, doorknobs, faucets, equipment, etc.) with appropriate sanitizer. Cleaning will be done according to how each dairy wants it performed.
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