​​​​​​​​​​​​​​2021 Schedule (subject to change)

Workshops for the year will be held the last Friday of each month, January through April.

  • January 2021:  ZOOM meeting TBD  With Covid-19 still with us, it will change how we have some learning opportunities. Most of you already are used to using your computers for Zoom meetings. I'm going to be learning how to create Zoom meetings/clinics for our January, February and March meetings/clinics. These will be held on the last Fridays of every month. Times are yet to be announced. Do you have any subject you would like to learn about? Please let me know and we can explore the topic. Subjects could possibly be about the Virtual shows. How to prepare, photograph and or video your cattle for these fun events. Robotic dairy farming, breeding for a Champion, etc.... send me ideas!

    Time for the Hoards Dairyman's Judging Contest! I have received the paper copies of the contest.  If you would like the paper version, please let me know and one can be mailed to you. Most of you have knowledge how to view the contest through the Hoards Dairyman website. For the zoom meeting we will be talking about this contest in more details. This is a required event for Lease A Dairy members. Remember you will need to send me your judging results (by March 10th) so I can enter us as a 4-H group and Larimer County group. I also need it for our county judging award. (this includes ages from 0 to 100) You are welcome to enter as individuals, families or 4-H clubs through the Hoards Dairyman website. Link to Hoards Dairyman HERE. Remember this is a required event for the Lease-A-Dairy and Cow-less Dairy projects. This is also the tiebreaker for the Mike Dickinson Award. There are some very informative videos on the Hoards Dairyman website under the Youth tab about judging this contest. You can contact me about any questions.
  • February ZOOM Meeting - Friday, February 26th @ 630pm - Please join me for our virtual (zoom) meeting/clinic. The link information is below for computer or phone.  Amanda Dye found a very interesting teaching article we want to share with you! Guaranteed to help with Dairy quiz bowl at Dairy Youth Extravaganza and Showmanship questions!  We will also briefly review Dairy judging stuff and some other exciting updates! Remember this is one of the qualifying clinics/meetings needed for Lease A Dairy projects.

  • Livestock field day - March 2021 This is an opportunity to meet the Meat Quality Assurance (MQA) and Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) requirements and learn so much more. > Virtual Livestock Field Day
  • March 20th - Mike Dickenson Scholarship application due >apply here
  • March 10th:  Last day to turn in Hoards Dairyman contest results to Shari - please email or text Shari your placings
  • March 26th ZOOM Meeting - Friday, March 26, 6:30 p.m. On the Agenda: We will be reviewing important information and upcoming shows. We will have a guest speaker on how to picture, video and show your cattle for a virtual dairy show contest. We will be learning about  the importance of hoof care in dairy cattle and a Q&A session about your projects.  >Lameness Video
  • April 23rd - Friday at Dyecrest Dairy @ 630pm.  Live meeting! YaHoo! Covid protocols. Hand sanitizer provided. Bring your own water bottle. 
  • Directions to Dairy: Hwy 14 east to North County Road 1. Turn North. Continue north past the stop sign. Turn west into dairy right on lane right before the bridge. Hang to the left. We will gather by pens by the intermediate calf barn.  ​This is the address but Google sometimes messes it up.1137 North County Road 1. Fort Collins, CO 80524
  • We will be learning about the following ( senior members be prepared to be matched with newer members) : Upcoming events. Some very important updates for the fair will be discussed. Safety, Heifer anatomy, Showmanship 
  • Everyone's favorite record books! ( please bring your past record book if you would like tips on improving. No one has had a perfect record book the last two years so everyone can learn and improve) If time allows and ground conditions are ok, for those interested , we may have a tour of the dairy( this will not include the milking parlor this time). ​Reminder, Lease A Dairy members, this is a required event. If you cannot make it to clinic you need to notify me prior to clinic so you can complete an alternative activity

Larimer 4-H Dairy Project

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Larimer County 4H Dairy Project

4-H/Dairy Scholarships

2021 Larimer Dairy Clinics

Dairy Project Meeting Information:

We have 4 meetings during the year and Lease-A-Dairy members are required to attend at least 3 of these.  LEASE-A-DAIRY Members - Record Books begin in January.  Books are available from Shari and online from the Extension Office.

Thank you to the following sponsors for supporting this project: DyeCrest Dairy; Ft. Lupton Dairy, Mountain View Dairy, Shani McBride (Severance), R&C Game and Custom Processing & Hilgenberg and Son Excavating.

Here is the link to another good site about getting ready to show.  MSUcares