Larimer County 4H Dairy Project
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Q - Who can join?

A - Any child (8-18) enrolled in Larimer County 4-H.

Q - How much does it cost?

A - Cost is $50 to enroll in the Larimer County 4-H program.  Any additional cost varies by the dairy sponsor and how far we have to travel to the dairy to work with the cattle.  Average cost is under $100.

Q - Do I have to own cattle to be in the project?

A - NO!  This project is designed to give all kids an opportunity to work with heifers and cows at the dairy where THEY live.  We travel to the dairy to learn and work with the animals.  

Q - What do you do in the project?

A - We learn a little about the dairy cattle, the dairy industry and how to show dairy animals at various shows around Colorado.  As a 4-H member, you are required to complete a Dairy record book and turn it in in September.

Q - Is there a limit on how many kids can join the project?

A - Yes.  We work with a few dairies in Northern Colorado and they have a limited number of dairy animals that we can use.  Sign-ups for the project are generally in November for the following year.

Q - How long does the project last?

A - Clinics start in January.  We will meet once a month from January - April for the clinics and pick out our animals for the season.  Depending on the sponsor, we will begin working with our animals in March and 4-H Dairy record books are due in September.

Q - What is expected of me in the project?

A - Attend 75% of workshops/clinics and  work with animal(s) on a regular basis for minimum of 2 hours per month and record time in log sheet. Participant is required to prepare animal for Fair/Shows This includes training, clipping, cleaning and arranging transportation to and from Fair.  Members are also required to care for animal during full duration of animal at Fair/Shows. This includes cleaning stalls, washing animal(s) and feeding.  Additional Information

Q - What happens at the County Fair?

A - Members are required to attend the Larimer County Fair in August.  The fair lasts 5 days and all members are required to be with their animals for the duration of the fair.  We have many other events at the county fair including poster contests, taking some animals out to the people attending the fair and answering questions, dress your animal contest, showmanship, breed show and other special awards for members during the fair.

Q - Where do I sign up?

A - Just go to our Contact Page and contact our leader, Shari.  We look forward to having you join our project. >Contact Shari

Thank you to the following dairies/farms for supporting the Dairy Project: DyeCrest Dairy; Mountain View Dairy, and Ft. Lupton Dairy

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Dairy Breeds

Jersey          Holstein          Brown Swiss          Ayrshire          Milking Shorthorn          Guernsey

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Larimer County 4-H Dairy Project

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