Congratulations to Audrey L. our 2021 Dairy Queen. Dairy royalty serve two year terms and spread the good news about the 4-H Dairy Program and agriculture in our county.

2022 Royalty Application

2022 Larimer County Fair Dairy Show Schedule

​Thursday, August 4 -  4pm-7pm Stall set up. At this time this is the only time to set up.

Saturday, August 6 - 10am to noon (we have a separate check in time from the beef, they check in 7-9), ALL DAIRY CATTLE check in; Costume Class 2pm

Sunday, August 7 - 12PM-3PM DAIRY CATTLE ONLY ALLOWED IN WASH RACK! YEA!!!; 4PM DAIRY SHOW (showmanship followed by breed classes) Cattle are released to go home following the dairy show WITH EXCEPTION OF ROUND ROBIN cattle. You can choose to keep your cattle there for the remainder of the fair as companion animals for the Round Robin animals or if it is convenient for you to keep them there until Tuesday.

Tuesday, August 9 - 4PM ROUND ROBIN

larimer county 4-H dairy royalty

JUNE 2022 - This year the Ranch security is going to be super strict when it comes to barn closing time at 9pm. Plan on having everything you need to leave on your person and animals cared for the night so you can be out of barn by 9pm. This is for all barns so if you have multiple species manage your time accordingly. You can not reenter barn unless contacted by security that there is a emergency situation with your animals. Even if you accidently leave your keys in tack box, you can not go back in.
If you need help with any part of your dairy cattle project, contact me and Ill try to help or get you some help. Keep up with record books so your not doing them last minute before fair. Good time to get posters done too! Have fun with your projects! Visit our website and Facebook page for updates and neat information about your dairy cattle projects.

2022 Larimer County Fair Dairy Show

Larimer County 4-H Dairy Project

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Larimer County 4H Dairy Project

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