Hello newer 4-H Dairy members!
SO excited we get to show again! I know all this information may seem intimidating at first but we will help you as we can and don't be afraid to ask those who have more showing experience to help you! The more you do, the more you will grow and learn with your dairy project. The neat thing about the Extravaganza is they really help newer members. You only show with kids of the same age and skill level as you. You get extra goodies the first year as well!

It takes a lot of preparation to not only to train your cattle but also get yourself prepared for a fair and/or dairy show. A very important thing to use every time you are with your animals is FLYSPRAY! This will help your animal while practicing and help prevent VS disease.

Make sure you have transportation lined up for your cattle to and from the event. It is not up to your sponsor or leaders to provide it. You can ask them but they may or may not be able to take all who ask if they are able. The sooner you get that arranged the better.( Mountain View does not provide transportation to any shows but does allow you to go to local shows with your own transportation lined up)

Check when stall set up times are. It makes it so much easier to get your stalls ready the day before you bring in the cattle. It makes bringing in the cattle day go much less stressful on you and those helping you. Multi day shows and fairs will not let you set up after you arrive unless cattle stay in trailer which is stressful to the cattle. At Larimer County Fair it is required to have stall prepared prior to bringing in cattle. There will be two different times set up for you to get your stalls prepared. They will not allow you to bring items in except during feeding times. At most shows and fairs, the dairy cattle have their stalls and tack areas decorated above the reach of the cattle. It is not required but does make it more welcoming to the public. What is required is a sign that is visible from the aisle with name of animal, age of animal and shown by ( it doesn't have to have both first and last name but at least first name and last name initial). It can be as simple as a printed sheet from your computer with large fonts or as fancy as you want it to be. Sponsored cattle usually also have “sponsored by” name on sign as well. You need one for each animal you have.

Watch videos from our past shows to see how pens are set up, and review under events and shows. Also in the Hoards Dairyman link on the home page, go to youth and they have a lot of tips as well. You are not expected to have everything that they have listed in those educational materials, but items listed below are.
The Larimer County 4-H program does have a few things available that can be borrowed on a first asked basis. There are some of us available to help teach you about clipping your first few times. But again its as time allows us to be available. Not everyone can clip the day before the show. Your cattle will look fine if you clip as early as a week early. (that also helps the clipper tracks grow out)

Tack Items to Have/Borrow:

  • Large clippers (these can only be lent out for exact time of clipping)
  • Small clippers (these can only be lent out for exact time of clipping)
  • Show halters
  • Neck tie ropes
  • Rope halters
  • Some buckets and Feed pans

Items you will need to get for the show:

  • Water Hose with a sprayer
  • Flat backed buckets for water for your cattle
  • Feed pans for feeding in
  • Broom to sweep aisles
  • Pitch fork and shovel to clean pens
  • Wheelbarrow or muck bucket
  • Bedding such as shavings and/or straw.
  • Container such as a clean trash can to put feed in for those feeding a mixed ration
  • Feed ( check with sponsor to make sure you will be feeding the correct feed ration needed, they will provide feed but you need the container to hold it)
  • A tack box that can be secured to hold grooming equipment and other supplies. This can be a basic plastic container from Walmart to as fancy as you want. Some have used a combo garden patio box that is also a bench!
  • Portable chairs and sunscreen for you
  • Grooming supplies - curry comb, brushes, brushes for washing and cleaning hooves
  • I do have some new sample size animal shampoos if you need some that were donated. Dawn also works great. The best Ive used is ORVUS. 
  • I do suggest Showsheen for coat conditioning after washing and it helps repels manure stains.

2021 Larimer County Fair Dairy Show

Larimer County 4H Dairy Project
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Larimer 4-H Dairy Project

larimer county 4-H dairy royalty

Stall Decoration Ideas

Congratulations to Jessica L.- our 2021 Dairy Queen. Dairy royalty serve two year terms and spread the good news about the 4-H Dairy Program and agriculture in our county. (no Dairy Princess for 2020 due to Covid-19)

2021 Dairy Fair Schedule - SUBJECT TO CHANGE (updated 5/10/21)

  • July 13 - Fair Entries Due
  • Thursday, August 5 - 5pm-8pm  Dairy barn set up
  • Friday August 6 - 12 to 5pm dairy barn set up
  • Saturday August 7th - 7am-10am  Dairy cattle check in
  • Monday August 9 - 11am   Dairy Costume class
  • Tuesday August 10th - 9am  Dairy Show
  • Wednesday, August 11th - Round Robin