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Larimer County 4H Dairy Project
leprino foods sponsors 4-H dairy project

Dairy Herdmanship Awards

We will have a Dairy Herdsmanship award sponsored by the Fetzer family in honor of my brother William Carter . The dairy department has a reputation of having the cleanest animals and stalls at the fair! Lets keep it that way ( even if it is another specie that dropped the messes) The side isles will also need swept from time to time, we will be sharing this duty with the beef kids. If you see it needs done please help out and do it. This will count toward herdsmanship. We have several leaders watching and will report to me and select the top herdsman that will be annouced at the dairy show.
Keeping a positive attitude will also be part of the scoring.

Congratulations to Jessica L.- our 2019 Dairy Princess!  Kammi C. will now become our 2019 Dairy Queen. Dairy royalty serve two year terms and spread the good news about the 4-H Dairy Program and agriculture in our county.  Our new royalty was crowned on Saturday, August 3rd.  

Record Books Up To Date at check in on August 3rd

YOU MUST HAVE YOUR RECORD BOOK UP TO DATE at check in!....LEASE A DAIRY LOG AS WELL! (for those in that program) RECORD BOOK must be turned in at time of check in!If you want I can review your record book more thoroughly with you individually as time allows so corrections could be made and questions answered.

Informational Dairy Posters

All informational posters need to be turned in by no later than 11am on Saturday.(turn in to Shari in dairy barn) NOTE: place your name on BACK of poster. Place your age group on the front corner of poster. Remember, Lease - A - Dairy participants MUST have a Thank You poster with your sponsors name and a picture of you and your animal(s) (this can be group or individual.) Your FIRST name(s) must be on the poster as well. These will be placed in the barn. Informational posters will be in the McKee Building. We will need help hanging the posters in both places.

2019 Larimer County Fair Dairy Show (2020 info coming soon)

Larimer Dairy Project

larimer county 4-H dairy royalty

DAIRY STALL SET UP - Thursday, Aug. 1st (preferred) and Friday, Aug. 2nd

We will have the signs up with blue tape and when you know where you want which animal tied at, please place appropriate stall assignment card where you want it so we can fix it with a tie wrap if you want .If you don’t fix stall tag you need to maintain it so we know for herdsmanship. You can also have your own stall tags with more information on it about your animal.  Coordinate with your group and help each other out. IT IS NOT YOUR SPONSORS RESPONSIBILITY TO SET UP YOUR STALLS ! You may use straw or shavings for bedding. You may decorate your stall area if you like. The public really enjoys it and is more welcoming to them.

Bring some of your past informational posters to display in our extra spaces to help inform the public and helps decorate our dairy area.

You will need to refresh bedding for your animal to keep a clean and padded through out fair. If you have any questions please call ,text or e-mail me. Try to bring in your animals as clean as possible ( at least most of poop curried and brushed off if you don't have time to wash). They always get dirty in the trailer. Plan on washing them ASAP after you get checked in !

All dairy cattle must be clipped prior to coming to fair except for final touch up clipping ! We do have some large clippers that can be borrowed that was donated by Mountain Vet Supply if needed. First come first served in order of request.

DAIRY DEMO - Sat, August 3rd at 1230pm

We need many volunteers (friends, parents, siblings can help too!) to help hand out milk and other promo materials. Even if you only have a half hour that would be great! We also would like some calves volunteered to be rotated to be petted by the public. If you have a calf you think would work for demo let me know. It would be great if we could have two different breeds at each rotation . If we have a lot of nominations for demo calves we may do a draw because I know they would all be good! Rotation times will depend on how hot it is.


Wear any dairy shirt you have from older Larimer County dairy shirts or dairy extravaganza to promote our dairy projects when your not showing another specie if you wish.  The public, other 4H members, leaders and parents are watching how you are with your animals and with each other. Try to always be at your best, cooperative and be helpful to everyone.